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Baderunden (Lunde-Vrangfoss-Lunde)


Slusevegen 36, 3825, Lunde

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Baderunden (Lunde-Vrangfoss-Lunde)

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Length: ca. 21,1 km
Duration: 1 dag
Level: Demanding
Suitable for: Adults/children

Starting Point
Lunde Kanalcamping embraces cyclists. They also have bikes and sports equipment for sale, if you are missing something for the trip.

Baderunden cross the Telemark Canal 2 times and goes through the waterway in Landsmarka. We've selected a few points for you in this mini-guide:

Tyri was early an industrial center with brick works, mill, sawmill and pottery. You can still see remnants of the brickworks from 1860s about 200 meters down the river from Tyritjønn. The water in Tyri is regulated and the pond was used to control the water industry and timber.

Nomestranda (The Nome Beach) is approximately 2 km long and 1 km wide and part of the Telemark Canal. Here are several places where you can swim and in the east end there is a large and nice swimming area with parking. There are signs down to the swimming area from the main road.

Vrangfoss is the largest and finest of the locks in the Telemark Canal. It consists of five lifting chambers with an overall height of 23 m. Before the canal was completed the Vrangfoss was used for timber floating on the river.
Friction at the timber piles could sometimes cause it went hot time in the timber so it caught fire.

Slusemester`n is located at the Vrangfoss lock. This is a nice eatery right next to the canal. Here you have a view of a beautiful landscape and canal boats as they pass. Slusemester`n is known for serving good food and drink. One of the highlights of our trip to a hungry cyclist.

Just before you get to Apalnes pier, so there is a nice grass on the downside of the road where it is nice to go out to take a bath. Bicycles can visit the pier, so you set a fine example of one of the distinctive yellow channel piers along the canal.




  • length in km - 21 km


  • 2 hours


  • medium

Intended audience

  • Adults

Nature and terrain

  • gravel


  • May - September


Map & Directions


Tel: 35 90 00 20

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