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  1. Accomodation in a sleeping box for travelers along The Telemark Canal
    1. 1 May 202110 Oct 2021
  2. Sleeping box in Bandaksli for cyclists and paddlers traveling on The Telemark Canal
    1. 1 May 202110 Oct 2021
  3. sandy beach at Norsjø Ferieland
    Unique location by lake Norsjø with own wakeboard course. Experience the Telemark Canal, Bø Sommarland, Norsjø Golf. Unique activities for the whole family.
  4. Beautifully situated at Flåvann express Kilen Vacation Center.  With a sandy beach that is reminiscent of tropical and a bath temperature usually is between twenty and degrees is the place a perfect choice for beach holidays. Water Trampoline, water slide and swim platform are popular activities in summer.
  5. Cosy camping in Dalen with cabins, rooms and camping
  6. Canoeing on the Telemark Canal at Telemark Canal Camping
    Idyllic campground close by the Telemark Canal in Lunde, Telemark. Tent, caravan, or mobile home camping. Rental of canoes, cayaks and bikes.
  7. Interior of a glamping tent at Lystang Glamping
    Lystang Glamping is idyllically located by Heddalsvannet. Here you can rent one or more furnished glamping tents with room for 2 to 5 people.
  8. campfire at Notodden camping
    Notodden Caravan Park is located 2 km outside of Notodden city centre, towards Haugesund.
  9. Air view of Teksten camping
    Teksten Camping in Gvarv offers a variety of activities for children. Cabins for rent and suitable for tents and caravans.
  10. Camping site located by the lake Norsjø in Skien. The campingplace is temporaly close due to the corona virus.
    1. 1 Jun 202125 Aug 2021
    2. 1 Jun 202225 Aug 2022
  11. A small and cosy camping right next to Bandak. Placed between a idyllic beach and the harbour for boats at the Telemark Canal.
  12. Cosy motorhome camping by the Telemark Canal
    1. 15 Apr 20201 Oct 2020
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