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  1. Thon Høyers Hotel, the oldest hotel in Telemark
    The oldest hotel in Telemark is a historic hotel centrally located in Skien.
    1. 4 Jan 202218 Dec 2022
  2. Clarion Collection Bryggeparken
    Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggeparken is a high quality business hotel with all modern facilities - a perfect choice for the traveller.
    1. 2 Jan 202231 Dec 2022
  3. Norsjø Hotel is a family owned hotel in a beautiful location and fantastic view over lake Norsjø. Telemark’s big attractions are close by. The hotel has full beverage rights and is known for its good food and lively atmosphere.
  4. the apple orchard at Straand Hotel in the spring
    Straand Hotel  - in the middle of the beautiful Telemark region in south-eastern Norway. A full service hotel well known for its many activities and good food.
    1. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    2. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
  5. group ducks in the garden at Dalen Hotel
    Dalen Hotel is a fairytale hotel from 1894, in a sumptuous, romantic style and one of Norway's oldest wooden hotels, located only 400 m from the Telemark Canal.
  6. The newly built Hotell fritidsparken from the outside with a playground
    The hotel is located in a peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy the scenery and fresh air just outside the room.
    1. 1 Jan 000131 Dec 9999
    2. 4 Jan 202223 Dec 2022
  7. In the heart of Notodden you will find Notodden Hotel.
  8. Boat trip with accomodation
    Check out all the boat trips you can make on the Telemark Canal and combine them with accomodation at your favorite hotel along the Telemark Canal.
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