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  1. Restaurants
    There are many dining options along the Telemark Canal that offer food experiences based on both national and international cuisine. Combine this with a view of the Telemark Canal, and your savory meal will be a highlight of the day. Enjoy and welcome to the Telemark Canal.
  2. Café
    The cafés in Telemark have become Telemark's pride and joy. New cafés have popped up the last couple of years, whose the qualities are high and good. The cafés along the Telemark Canal invite you in for a cosy lunch or just a coffee along the way on your holiday.
  3. Elderly couple standing in front of fruit trees with fruit basket in hands
    The Fruitvillage at Gvarv is Norways´s capital of appleproduction. Experience the aroma of fruit, vineyard and brewery products. Bakery, farmshops and accomodation.

Our recommendations

Kafe Hvidesøe

Kafe Hvidesøe

GLOBAL INSPIRATION MEETS LOCAL TRADITION, coffee shop, home-made food, organic foods, local foods, spices, reuse & creativity .

Museum Cafe Morgedal

Museum Cafe Morgedal

This cafe will not have dinner this summer. But - we have the best home made cakes.

chefs at restaurant Jacob & Gabriel put food on the plate

Jacob & Gabriel Restaurant

Jacob & Gabriel Restaurant in Skien is a folk-gourmet restaurant with fresh local food and classic dishes.

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