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Vrangfoss: the canal’s largest lock system

Things to do when you are in Vrangfoss

  1. HÅNDKRAFT: MS Victoria i Vrangfoss sluser.
Sluseportene i Vrangfoss sluser åpnes og lukkes med håndkraft slik det blir gjort i alle sluseanlegga i Ban
    Vrangfoss sluser is a lock in the Telemark Canal
  2. Spend the night in one of the old lock guard apartments by Eidsfoss or Vrangfoss, located in beautiful surroundings by the Telemark Canal.
  3. A unique cafè at Vrangfoss lock, about 4 km from Ulefoss. Open during the summer. Seating for 30 people both in- and outdoors.
    1. This bike tour provides many opportunities for a refreshing bath.
    2. A trip between Lunde locks and Vrangfoss offers world-class experiences. Here you have the opportunity to travel through the chambers and be channeled through the lock masters who still performs the job manually.


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