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Daytrips on the Telemark Canal


  1. Half day trip: Skien-Lunde-Skien morning
    The package trip includes a boat trip from Skien to Lunde and a canal coach from Lunde to Skien. Throughout the boat trip you will experience 5 locks, including Vrangfoss as the largest one.
  2. Half day trip: Skien-Lunde-Skien afternoon
    Do you enjoy summer evenings and would rather wake up a bit later, then this canal boat trip is perfect for you.
  3. Half day trip: Akkerhaugen-Lunde-Akkerhaugen
    Are you travelling from the Oslo area, or around Akkerhaugen, Notodden or Bø then this package trip is perfect for you.
  4. Half day trip: Ulefoss-Lunde-Ulefoss (boat first)
    Canal boat trip from Ulefoss to Lunde. Travel with our three canal boats M/S Telemarken, M/S Henrik Ibsen or M/S Victoria on a historic trip through the Telemark-canal.
  5. Half-day trip: Ulefoss-Lunde-Ulefoss (coach first)
    Travel with our three canal boats M/S Telemarken, M/S Henrik Ibsen or M/S Victoria on a historic trip through the Telemark-canal from Lunde to Ulefoss. Park your car in Ulefoss and travel with canal coach to Lunde. From Lunde the return will be on board a canal boat back to Ulefoss.
  6. Day trip: Skien-Dalen-Skien
    This is a daytrip for a real canal enthusiast. You will experience the whole canal from Skien to Dalen, with world heritage and incredible nature. There is a cafe inside the boat where you can enjoy good food and drinks.
  7. Day trip: Kviteseid-Ulefoss-Kviteseid
    During the trip you will see both large amount of water with steep hillsides, river sailing and 6 locks. A perfect daytrip! The package includes a boat trip from Kviteseid/Spjotsodd to Ulefoss lock and canal coach from Ulefoss to Kviteseid/ Spjotsodd. There is free parking available on either Kviteseid pier or Spjotsodd pier.
  8. Day trip: Dalen-Ulefoss-Dalen
    This trip is perfect for you based around the Dalen or upper Telemark area. On this trip you will experience both steep hillside along Bandak, the large amount of waters, the narrow canals and last but not least the impressive locks between Hogga and Ulefoss.
  9. Day trip: Ulefoss-Kviteseid-Ulefoss
    Departure from either Skien or Ulefoss. Travel with our canal queen M/S Victoria through the impressive locks in the Telemark canal, including Vrangfoss with locks with a rise of 23 meters (approx. 75 feet)!
  10. Canal trip: Skien-Løveid
    This is an exciting package trip perfect for you that wants a short trip in Telemark canal starting in Skien.
  11. Bandakcruise on Monday
    Every Monday the M/S Henrik Ibsen canal boat is departing (20th of May – 26th of August 2019). On this daytrip the boat will go through the western part of Telemark canal and you can experience Bandak canal and locks in Hogga and Kjeldal locks.
  12. Day trip in the western parts of the canal
    This daytrip is along the western parts of the Telemark canal and you will experience Bandakk canal and locks in Hogga and Kjeldal locks. You have the opportunity to enjoy your breakfast towards Kjeldal and lunch towards Dalen. In this unique package trip you can experience the veteran ships M/S Henrik Ibsen or M/S Victoria.
  13. Canal bus
    Telemark Bilruter and VY (Coaches) travel along the Telemark canal. In the season of canal boats a canal coach is set up as a direct route to and from the canal. You can find a timetable for the main season (18/5 – 1/9).
  14. FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about the Telemark Canal and traveling on it.


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