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  1. "The love trail". Beautiful natural and cultural landscape along the Gvarvelva river.
  2. Day trip: Skien-Dalen-Skien
    This is a daytrip for a real canal enthusiast. You will experience the whole canal from Skien to Dalen, with world heritage and incredible nature. There is a cafe inside the boat where you can enjoy good food and drinks.
  3. the ducks in the garden at Dalen Hotel
    Dalen Hotel is a beautiful fairytale hotel build in 1894 in grand romantic style with dragon heads, towers, pinnacles and balconies.
    1. 15 Apr 201629 Oct 2016
  4. Øvre Verket represents one of the most important culturally historic places from the years of industrialization in Norway.
    1. 1 Sep 202119 Dec 2021
  5. The Fruitvillage at Gvarv is Norways´s capital of appleproduction. Experience the aroma of fruit, vineyard and brewery products. Bakery, farmshops and accomodation.
  6. Ulefos Hovedgaard offers guided tours in beautiful natural surroundings. Here you can see the development of the manor from 1807 until today.
    1. 1 Jun 202129 Aug 2021
  7. Soria Moria sauna at Dalen with snow
    Soria Moria Sauna in Dalen, Telemark


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