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Vrangfoss sluser


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Vrangfoss sluser

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Vrangfoss has five chambers with a total lifting height of 23 meters. The locks are carved into the landscape next to the pond, where the waterfall went before it was channel. Vrangfoss got its name because the waterfall was so stubborn that it was difficult to float timber here.

Along floodgates there is a park with large, old trees. At the top of the park lies the yellow lock master residence. Previously, it was home to lock master family and a family to. Now hold Café Slusemesteren (link) here. Slightly further up, by the canal, located sluice guarding the residence.

At the upper lock chamber there is a small, yellow vaktbu good overview of the canal and boat traffic.

Down by the canal is a red sagbygning. Here cut materials in the rough dimensions used to repair and build new sluice gates. The logs used are large. The channel has employees who yet can technique of building new sluice gates. Blacksmith at Vrangfoss is still in use. Earlier there were tanks for repair work at all locks

Along the path from Alton to Vrangfoss there is a lookout point where there is a good overview of Vrangfoss locks and dam there.

On top of the rock here is a lookout point where there is a good overview of Vrangfoss locks and dam.

Simultaneously with the locks were built 1:32 meters high dam, 21 feet thick at the base, which dammed up the river to Lunde with a couple of meters. Vrangfoss power station located inside a mountain near the dam on the starboard side.

A year after the canal was built, King Oscar II of Sweden-Norway visit. The monogram his carved into the rock by the subchannel. On a stone at the top of the locks is the name ranks of the king and his son, Prince Eugen, carved into.


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