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  1. Cycling along the Telemark Canal, experience the wild and beautiful scenery on two days - from Ulefoss to Dalen in inner Telemark.
  2. the cultural trail by Hjellevannet
    A circular trail of 5.6 km around Hjellevannet lake.
  3. Skotfoss trail in Skien
    The Skotfoss trail is a 3.7 km cultural trail, with start at Løveid locks in Skien.
  4. Lådalstigen is a fantastic hike between Dalen and Lårdal. A large part of the hike follows the mountain ridge 800 metres above the Telemark Canal.
  5. The horse moutain and firetower is a 4,2 km trail in varied terrain outside Ulefoss.
  6. "The summerland" starts at First Camp Ferieland, and is an easy demanding trip through fruit landscape, museums, small to medium size villages and water park.
  7. people having fun kayaking
    Kayaks for beginners and experienced kayakers, suitable both for shorter and longer trips. Rental and sale.
  8. Landskaper'n (The Landscaper) goes around Flåbygd, and is one of the most used bike routes in the area.
  9. 2 girls go for a walk on Hægefjell
    Hiking in Vrådal! to the majestic mountain top Hægefjell.
  10. Bø and Mid-Telemark has variety of places well suitable for fishing, whether you are looking for mountain lakes, forest rivers or something in between.


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