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Cabins and Apartments


  1. Idyllic accommodation in Lårdal by the Telemark Canal.
  2. Hotel fritidsparken
    The hotel is located in a peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy the scenery and fresh air just outside the room.
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    2. 4 Jan 202023 Dec 2020
    3. 4 Jan 202123 Dec 2021
    4. 4 Jan 202223 Dec 2022
  3. Hallbjønnsekken Høyfjellsenter in magnificent mountain terrain
  4. The cabins from Vrådal booking on a winter night
    Vrådal Booking - apartments and cabins in the center of Vrådal and at the ski center!
  5. overview over lake Nisser at Vrådal
    Vrådal Holiday Apartments consists of modern apartments for 4-8 persons. Situated in the center of Vrådal, with a magnificent view over Lake Nisser.
  6. Vrådal Hyttegrend is located with a beatiful view of lake Nisser and the surrounding mountains. 20 cabins for rent for up to 8 persons.
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