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Cabins and Apartments


  1. Spend the night in one of the old lock guard apartments by Eidsfoss or Vrangfoss, located in beautiful surroundings by the Telemark Canal.
  2. Idyllic accommodation in Lårdal by the Telemark Canal.
  3. Hotel fritidsparken
    The hotel is located in a peaceful environment where everyone can enjoy the scenery and fresh air just outside the room.
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  4. Hallbjønnsekken Høyfjellsenter in magnificent mountain terrain by road 45 towards Setesdal
  5. cabins at Vrådal Booking
    Vrådal Booking - apartments and cabins in the center of Vrådal and at the ski center!
  6. overview over lake Nisser at Vrådal
    Vrådal Holiday Apartments consists of modern apartments for 4-8 persons. Situated in the center of Vrådal, with a magnificent view over Lake Nisser.
  7. Vrådal Hyttegrend is located with a beatiful view of lake Nisser and the surrounding mountains. 20 cabins for rent for up to 8 persons.
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